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Batts - Roving - Bumps

We can create batts/roving for you in many natural colors.  Steps to create a batt/roving - skirting, washing, picking and carding.   Each batt  is 8x20 inches and weighs about 2 ozs.

Colors available include: black, shades of grey, shades of brown, oatmeal, caramel, tan or white with a little black or light brown tips.

Batts for spinning are from the fall clip.  Felting batts are from the spring clip.
 Bumps processed by Going To The Sun fibermill. Colors are brown, light grey and black/grey.  

Prices for batts or bumps
 lamb  spinning $3/oz
ewe/wether spinning $2.50/oz

 ram spinning $2.25/oz

 felting $1.75/oz
We will add shipping costs to your order.  You may use this site to approximate shipping costs:

Email us to place your order or send a SASE to receive a sample.