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Shepherd's Thoughts


posted Oct 6, 2010, 1:40 PM by Susan Keto

It is a beautiful fall day here.  We are behind on our sheep chores.  I have not gotten our hay yet for this winter; though I have it lined up with a local farmer.  Glenn has been working from dawn to dusk trying to get our new house sided.  He had hoped that we would get it painted before winter; I am just hoping he will get all the siding up.  We moved into our new house the last of August.  This winter we will do the inside trim work - windows, interior doors, floors.  

The sheep have been sheared, wormed and vaccinated.  I am putting up the last of the garden.  I have carrots, beets, celery, winter squash and turnips in the ground yet.  Today I started a batch of jalapeno pepper jelly.  And this year I am a full-time school bus driver instead of a substitute.  I will not get to skirting until I have the garden put to bed for the winter.  

We have decided to reduce the size of our sheep herd.  So I am planning to get 6 ewes listed for sale.  And we are retiring my two ewes, Abbie and Birnie, who were my original flock.  If I can sell enough ewes then I will keep them for their fiber.  

This past year has been very hard.  I had four cousins and my mother-in-law die.  Three of my cousins were my age or younger.  So Glenn and I are planning to do some traveling next year.  On a positive note, we have another grandson in Arizona.  Time to go to work.


posted Dec 2, 2009, 7:19 PM by Susan Keto

Winter arrived today.  It was 17 degrees here this morning and the ground is starting to freeze.  Turned on the water heaters in the barn.  Cleaned out the ram's barn today.  Tomorrow he gets separated from the ewes.  Sven (ram) and Jack Jr (wether)  spend most of the year together in a small pasture and barn.  The girls will be glad that Sven is out of their area; he never gives up hoping to find a ewe that  is not bred yet.  We have several ram lambs that run up to the gate to be petted.  I wish that I could keep them all.  

No snow on the ground yet, but that will be happening soon.  I am skirting fleeces in the shop; I will have the fall fleeces done soon.  Then I can tackle last spring's fleeces.  Between building projects, health issues of older parents, and our three adult children I never got to the spring fleeces.  

To quote Scarlett O'Hara - tomorrow is another day!

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posted Oct 31, 2009, 10:03 AM by Susan Keto

It is fall here.  Damp, foggy morning as I walked to the barn to feed and water.  Rocky and Clyde (two of this years lambs) came up to the gate to be scratched.  I love the smell of hay and just the smell of the barn.  The barn is full of hay and straw - so we are ready for winter.  Sven, our ram, is in with the girls now.  I knew he was at the feeder by his smell.  He gets stronger as breeding season gets into full swing.  But I guess the smell is very attractive to the girls. 

I have a fire in the woodstove in the shop.  I am skirting fleeces there.  Got another lamb fleece done this morning.  As I work it gives me time to think - about life, the farm, our kids.  

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