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We live in an area of abundant wildlife.  We have seen moose, elk, whitetail and mule deer, black bear, coyote and wolf.  We have numerous scavenger birds including bald eagles, golden eagles and turkey vultures.  In the river, in addition to half a dozen varieties of fish are beaver and river otters.  Over time, I am going to capture all of these on camera and will add pictures as I am able.

A herd of elk passes through on their way to their summer home.

This young moose has been hanging around the farm.

Winter brings the whitetail deer close in search of something to eat.

A few whitetail, like this one, hang around all summer.

A juvenile bald eagle rests in a snag along the river, then takes flight.

Turkeys along the river.

Scavengers feast on a coyote along the river.

The Canadian geese show up when the river ice melts.

Braking for a landing.