Farm History

Proprietors: Susan and Glenn Keto

Established 2007

It began with our retirement ... from corporate America ... to rural America ... in 2007.

In order to fulfill a shared dream to build for ourselves a sustainable life in the country, we first relocated to Northeast Washington, where we found ten beautiful acres on the banks of one of Washington's finest streams, the Kettle River. There we began to turn a logged clearing in the midst of a multi-species forest into a small farm.

With Susan coming from a farm family, and Glenn, always an animal lover, we knew we had to have some animals on the farm. They would supply us with the companionship that only animals can provide and would be a source of protein for our diets. Our first choice has been to establish a small herd of Icelandic sheep. This is a primitive breed of sheep that provides us with enormous entertainment as well as lean meat and fine fiber that can be turned into wonderful homemade garments.

Of course the sheep had to have a place to call home, so we began our building projects by giving them a wonderful barn. The barn provides a safe place to sleep, away from the numerous predators that live in the surrounding forest. And it provides shelter in the winter months when the ground is covered with snow. The upstairs room in the barn is Susan's 'wool room'. Here she can work with the wool, turning raw fleece into products for sale as well as homemade garments and crafts.

We also began an orchard and a garden the first full summer. The garden was a huge success the first year (2008) providing us with the major portion of our diet. Fresh vegetables through the summer months and canned, frozen, dried and stored produce through the winter months have been our staple diet. In the future, we intend to turn our extra produce into profit at the local farmer's market. ... more on that later as our story unfolds.

Every year we have made an improvement to the farm. We have changed the garden into raised beds and drip irrigation. Our walkways between beds are pea gravel. With this, we have reduced weeds to a manageable few.

We have a variety of chickens, all layers excepting one rooster. Every year we add 2 or 3 by bringing them home from the farm store and placing under our setting bantam. She is so happy to raise them for us.

In 2020 we added rabbits. We have 2 does, one a cinnamon, the other a champagne. Our buck is also a cinnamon.

If you are ever in our area, we would love to show you around. Please drop us a line and plan on a visit.

Susan and Glenn Keto

Keto River Farm

P.O. Box 267

40 First Thought Loop

Laurier, WA 99146

(509) 684-4483