Sheep skins

Our sheep skins have been professionally tanned and are beautiful. All are soft, but we try to distinguish between slightly different feels. We have three categories: soft, barefoot soft and baby's bottom soft (of course the softest).

They make great rugs or throws or just plain decorative pieces. Email us with questions or for shipping charge. New fleeces arrive each fall.

11-09 White with dark brown accent; 24 x 34; 2 to 3 inch

fiber; baby's bottom soft; shorter hair and lighter weight; $110

11-07 Almost solid black with some silvery sheen; 29 x 34;

5 inch fiber; soft; thin spots; $110

11-06 Black with silvery sheen; 30 x 33; 5 inch fiber;

barefoot soft; $125

11-02 Black with grey accent; 28 x 33; 4 inch fiber;

barefoot soft; $125

09-006 black with grey striation; 32 x 27; 2 1/2 inch fiber;

thick and barefoot soft; $125