Post date: Oct 6, 2010 8:40:38 PM

It is a beautiful fall day here. We are behind on our sheep chores. I have not gotten our hay yet for this winter; though I have it lined up with a local farmer. Glenn has been working from dawn to dusk trying to get our new house sided. He had hoped that we would get it painted before winter; I am just hoping he will get all the siding up. We moved into our new house the last of August. This winter we will do the inside trim work - windows, interior doors, floors.

The sheep have been sheared, wormed and vaccinated. I am putting up the last of the garden. I have carrots, beets, celery, winter squash and turnips in the ground yet. Today I started a batch of jalapeno pepper jelly. And this year I am a full-time school bus driver instead of a substitute. I will not get to skirting until I have the garden put to bed for the winter.

We have decided to reduce the size of our sheep herd. So I am planning to get 6 ewes listed for sale. And we are retiring my two ewes, Abbie and Birnie, who were my original flock. If I can sell enough ewes then I will keep them for their fiber.

This past year has been very hard. I had four cousins and my mother-in-law die. Three of my cousins were my age or younger. So Glenn and I are planning to do some traveling next year. On a positive note, we have another grandson in Arizona. Time to go to work.