Stock for Sale

This Page updated 4/18/2016

Our sheep, purebred Icelandic, are healthy and well cared for. They are raised without antibiotics or hormones on naturally grown grass and hay. We select our ewes for wool length and softness, easy lambing and heavy milk production. We select our rams for their conformation and gentle temperament.

This is Mo (Maureen), a 4 year old ewe. Mo has consistently produced 2 and this year 3 large lambs. She births easily and is a great mom. SOLD Her lambs are still available.

This spring we have several sheep for sale. We hate to see them go, but we just have too many sheep for our pastures. We have two ewes and a ram for sale.

We also have a very nice crop of lambs ... 11 lambs, 8 boys, 3 girls. We have 2 sets of triplets this year. It is too early to pick the best looking lambs for breeding stock, but come July they will be for sale for $150 each. You are welcome to come early and reserve your lambs.

Below are the ones that are for sale this spring.

Celia is a first year mom this year, is two years old, born in April 2014. Her first set of lambs are healthy twins, boy and girl. She is a very good mom, is very friendly and has had a very nice fleece. Sire is Sir Galahad. Both lambs are strong and healthy, 8 and 9 pounds at birth. She is for sale with lambs for $450 or after weaning for $250. Celia is SOLD. Her lambs are still available.

Our ram for all lambs this year was Sir Galahad. He is a proven ram and has sired at least a portion of our flock for the past 3 years. He is three years old this year. He has been a very gentle ram for the ewes and has never been aggressive towards us. His horns are wide enough to not require trimming. Sir Galahad is SOLD.

Sir Galahad at one year old

Our other ewe that is for sale is Bess. This was her second year of lambing. She was born in April of 2013. First year's lambs were twins, this year she has a single boy. Sire is Sir Galahad. Bess has very nice fiber. She is for sale for $350 with her lamb or $250 after weaning.

Sir Galahad today

Here are more pictures of our 2016 lambs:

Please contact us if you are interested in these or any others ... we will send pictures.