Stock for Sale

This Page updated 1/10/2021

Our sheep, purebred Icelandic, are healthy and well cared for. They are raised without antibiotics or hormones on naturally grown grass and hay. We select our ewes for wool length and softness, easy lambing and heavy milk production. We select our rams for their conformation and gentle temperament.

We currently have several mature sheep for sale, 2 pregnant ewes and a beautiful and proven horned ram. The ram and one ewe were born in the spring of 2019, the other ewe in the spring of 2020. The ewes and ram are not related and would make a nice starter herd.

Both ewes are pregnant from our other ram, Moses. For both ewes, this will be their first lambing season. Moses is a solid morrit, scurred, born in the spring of 2020, so you may see other coloring in the lambs. I will add a picture of Moses soon. The ram, Oscar, and the two ewes, April and Dolly, would make a nice starter herd. We will sell the 3 for a total of $850, a savings of $100.

April - Ewe

A polled black/grey. Born April 7, 2020. Dam is Mia, one of our older polled ewes. Sire is Willie, a horned, black/grey we no longer have. Pregnant by Moses, our current solid morrit, scurred ram. This will be her first lambing. $300 until lambs are born.

Dolly - Ewe

A horned black/grey. Born April 5, 2019. Dam is Celia, one of our older horned ewes. Sire is Radar, an older horned ram we no longer have. Pregnant by Moses, our current solid morrit ram. This will be her first lambing. $300 until the lambs are born.


In his first year, Oscar produced beautiful lambs. Oscar's dam, Joon, and sire, Einart, are both from JerryLee Farm ( in Viola Idaho. Oscar was born March 24, 2019. He is a gentle ram, easy with which to work and easy on the ewes. He is well-muscled and has produced meaty lambs. The only reason that we are selling him is that we have 2 wonderful rams. One has to go. Oscar is for sale for $350.

Oscar's wide true horns do not need trimming. His fleece is plentiful and soft, nice for a ram. Our ewes for sale are not related to Oscar. The 3 together may be purchased for $850.